Jesus We Love You -Isabel Davis


As a prophet, my favourite thing to do is praise and worship Jesus. The teenager that I took in already knows my schedule he's like " you wake up, pray, drink coffee, stretch, workout listen to christian worship music  then eat". LOL When I got injured in 2019 in a car accident I had a cast and I couldn't walk for 5 months, the hardest part of that entire process was not being able to stand and praise God. But by the blood of Jesus I can stand and praise God every day of my life! By Gods' grace the enemies plans did not prevail and in infact that situation pushed me into my destiny as a servant of God. I plead the blood of Jesus everyday, because you never know who is wishing for your downfall simply because they see that natural goodness in you, that star, that shine, that glory of the Lord that is missing in them. They have to work and craft night and day to get " false light" so they can mask and deceive themselves and others. It's so sad. Real prophets love to praise, we praise and worship God every single day. It's not just a ' Saturday or Sunday ting" for us.  I am so glad that I can now praise God everyday. I don't take any day for granted and use everyday as an opportunity to praise God for all the miracles he has done in my life despite the plans of the enemy and the jealous people that try to stop you.No one can stop God's plans for your life. Not the enemy, not your dysfunctional family, not your haters, no man or woman can stop Gods plans for your life, especially if you are a blood boughten child of God! Jesus died on the cross for this very reason, so that the plans of the enemy do not prevail so that the people that he uses can shut their lying mouths. Everything good and righteous comes from the Lord everything that causes pain, confusion and sadness comes from the enemy. We love you Jesus! 

Thank you Jesus for my life, my ministry and my testimony ! You are Good and I bless your name Lord, there is no one like you on this earth! You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and I praise your Holy name, let everything I do be built on righteousness and holiness, let all the works of my hands turn into prophetic gold, let everything I do be found on righteousness  because you are the mighty rightous God I serve! In Jesus name Amen. 

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