Kanye West - Hurricane


A lot of the "no gummy bear gospel"  ministers have said that Kanye's Donda album is not a christian album compared to the Jesus is King Album. When I really listened to his album and sat with God I was able to see that they were absolutely correct and that there was demonic interference. No offence to Kanye, there is always going to be demonic interference. That is just the facts of this life however we have to be careful as ministers when serving the Lord and being a representative for Christ. But the reality is that no one is perfect and I am never here to judge other's. But the truth is the truth.Needless to say, how can one not enjoy Ye's creativity ?  We never want to over consume anything but I know that God ministered to me specifically in this song, because I had the devil on my shoulder in the form of a racist abusive ex, and mostly all racist people who bullied me simply because I would not submit to being disrespected. I am even ashamed of myself for dating a racist, I was only 22 years old and very naive about this world. I didn't realize that not everyone has the same heart as me.  This song is the personification of that hurricane in my life that I had to overcome as a young adult. Not everyone can overcome being taunted, bullied and talked down on, when God and other's are telling you that you are loved a Queen and amazing and the devil is on your shoulder yelling lies. Not everyone can escape or even overcome that and I thank God that I have a relationship with him and not the enemy or the enemies people. My life would have not look so glorious, But I would not have had these lessons to teach others...needless to say I love this song, The Weeknd's voice, the lyrics are so relatable. When the animation of Jesus appeared in the video I felt the Lord pouring anointing oil on my head, so even though there was demonic interference God is able to use anything to heal and minister to others. 

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