Marked By God

And the Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof." 

 This scripture is basically saying that the Lord has placed a mark on those divine humans who have a good heart, who are disturbed and  brokenhearted by the inequality, the injustice and the evil being done in the world and in their midst. 

God has an army of Godlike earth-men filled with the divine nature of God. There is constant battle and spiritual warfare in the heavenly realms and physical realms  over these certain individuals. The Devil is constantly trying destroy the plans of God in these chosen marked vessels lives. They do so in a variety of ways but the most deceptive way by far is when the devil puppets other humans and christians to do the dirty work of the devil simply because they are jealous of the " marked ones"who have done absolutely nothing to them. These people have been marked by Satan. 


Some of the things these marked by Satan jealous people try do is witchcraft against God's marked people. For example they will try to kill, steal and destroy these marked individuals of God simply because they are jealous of the greatness they see in you. 

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 "The true evidence of Kingdom greatness in your life is being marked by God. When God puts His sign upon you for extraordinary accomplishments and supernatural achievements, Satan also targets you, but he does so for destruction. Being marked by God means you have been chosen to enter a realm of God’s anointing that most people don’t even know exists."

 "There are other Christians and regular people so oblivious and carnal that instead of being marked by God, they unknowingly become the devil’s “hit man.” They are so consumed with jealousy of the “marked ones” they don’t realize they become agents of the devil’s dirty work. The devil knows that if he can get someone to betray or do his work behind enemy lines, he will be most effective. Rather than being marked by God, these “uncertain” Christians are marked by Satan. These are the spots, the tares, the wolves, and those causing the bitter defilement that contaminates so many churches and Christian relationships.

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 "God marks certain Christians for greatness. He loves everyone, even unbelievers who reject Him. He has even forgiven them through Jesus’ sacrifice, but only “certain” Christians are marked by Him. Those who are marked by God are known in the very corridors of hell. They evidence a deadness to the will of the flesh and a living commitment to God’s will unmatched in the earth. They are so full of God that to touch them is to touch God! They are chosen.

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 " There is constant warfare in the heavenly realms over these certain chosen people of God. They are the devil’s worst nightmare. Just when Satan thought Jesus was gone for good, here comes a whole army of Godlike earth-men filled with the power of the Spirit, divine authority, and the nature of God. It would have given him a heart attack if he had a heart! In fact, he has no mind, or he wouldn’t persist in a battle that he has no hope of winning. His plans are doomed for failure. His day of judgment is almost at hand! Until that day arrives, however, he continues to assault the godly forces that demonstrate God’s Kingdom and evidence the greatness of their “Commander-in Chief” Jesus the Christ.

 So because Satan does not have a physical body he uses his marked vessels to try to lie, kill, steal and destroy from God's marked vessels. 

John 10:10 (NKJV) 10. "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

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"If you have this evidence of God’s mark upon your life, then God has a special covering upon your life. Your times are in His hands. No evil can befall you and no plague or destruction can come near your life. You may suffer some attacks or even disasters, but you will not be stopped in your mission until you have completed your purpose and fulfilled God’s plan on the earth. Being marked by God means you are divorced from the attachments of this world. Your dependence on God keeps you seeking His divine provision to sustain your every need and supply. The devil can take nothing from you, or he would have to steal from God." 

 According to where you can read the full article

 The vessels that God has His eye on are yielded vessels kneeling in submissive obedience to God’s every word and whim. They are the ones who bear God’s mark of humility, justice, mercy, and greatness. This is His army of intercessors willing to weep before God’s altar on behalf of those under the devil’s deception. They attack the very gates of hell in a holy passion of fire from on high. God says, “I have marked your heart for greatness. You are a chosen vessel on which I have engraved my name. Now is the appointed time for your life to fulfill its true purpose and meaning for existence. You have come into the Kingdom for such as time as this. Take your place in the assembly of the marked ones and being the work of greatness prepared for you before the foundation of the world.”


Short Prayer: 

I pray in the name of Jesus every marked vessel of Satan attacking me, I cancel your assignment in my life in Jesus name  , every witch or wizard or witchdoctor trying to control my destiny, I nullify your plans in Jesus name  and I replace your plans with Gods plan in Jesus name Amen


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