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When I first heard Kanye West was a born again Christian, I was not surprised he always talked about the God he served, whether is was Jesus or the Devil. I used to have the song Jesus Walks on replay and thought it was revolutionary when it came out during my childhood. But then I heard Kanye was coming out with a whole gospel album called "Jesus is King" I was ecstatic and thought wow God is simply amazing, he is genius  he allowed one of the greatest musical artist of this time, to work for the Devil for decades to accumulate this high level of influence in the world, all to transform him into his servant. Only God can do such a thing. 

So i've been listening to Jesus Is King for the past 2 days because it is appropriate, I love Jesus obviously :) . The album is really good, this is not an album review though. Kanye has been in the news a lot lately saying some interesting things. From a spiritual perspective we must pray for Kanye, he is breaking free from spiritual chains and he is not crazy. He is a Genius, from music to fashion to design now gospel evangelism and politics . The Lord has blessed Ye with many talents , I just pray his talents will be continued to be used for the Lord. I am not denying that he has mental health issues, lets be real this world can be traumatizing so we all do, but what God has shown me is that Kanye is going through an intense spiritual battle because of the favour God has shown him, and because of who he is. 

Here are some lyrics from his song Closed On Sunday which was recorded before the pandemic so it's quite prophetic if you really think about it. He is calling out the Jezebel Spirit, which is one of the main spirits behind witchcraft that and the Babylonian spirit . Read Bellow:

 I got my weapons in the spirit's land

 Jezebel don't even stand a chance
Jezebel don't even stand a chance

Kanye West “Closed On Sunday”Jesus Is King . 2019 

What have you been hearin' from the Christians?

They'll be the first one to judge me
Make it seem like nobody love me

I'm not tryna lead you to Visas
But if I try to lead you to Jesus
We get called halfway believers
Only halfway read Ephesians

Only if they knew what I knew, uh

Kanye West “Hands On Sunday”Jesus Is King . 2019 

Here I believe Kanye is saying that Christians can be some of the most judgemental and mean people you can possible meet, but these are not the     " real christians" these are not the " ride or dies for Jesus" these are the fake christians who think because they go to church they will get into heaven. These are the ones often responsible for Church hurt .....he then goes on to say"only if they knew what I knew....meaning God has shown him things, and he has come to deep realizations of the things of Christ  from reading the bible, praying and spending time with God and the spiritual blindness he was once in, the blindfold is coming off. Kanye is breaking free from the demonic spirit of Jezebel, I pray no weapon formed against Kanye will prosper and every counterattack against me or Kanye for exposing this will be cancelled in Jesus name Amen. 

Kanye is not crazy, he is a major part of Gods end-time army and I pray the purposes for his life are fulfilled in Jesus name Amen. People always like to call Prophets of God crazy because they see and know the things most people are too spiritually blind to see .   As someone who can see spiritually, Kanye is going through a spiritual battle, the Devil is trying to chain him down and Kanye wants to break free. 

Like Kanye says I got my weapons in the spirit's land . I declare in Jesus Name: The Lord will be using angels in the spiritual realm to fight for the saints of God, for THE ARMY OF GOD so that any witchcraft against the saints of God and Jesus' end time army,.....  any demonic power, any Jezebel spirit is arrested and destroyed in Jesus name Amen

Kanye is so gifted we need to pray that the chains in his life be broken right now in Jesus name,Lord protect Kanye, protect the saints of God according to Psalms 91 in Jesus Name Amen.

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