The Parable of The Barren Fig Tree ( Looks Are Deceiving )




I love this time of season because it is usually the time when the children of God reap the fruits of their labor. Sometimes we reap the fruits that was planted in previous years and in previous season sometimes we reap the fruits that were planted in this season it depends on God’s timing. There is a timing for everything and everything happens in God‘s perfect timing. God has brought to my attention  the parable of the fig tree in the Book of Matthew and Mark, where many things can masquerade as being fruitful or the “ real thing” and upon closer inspection we realize it is a deception. Child of God plant good fruit, because the bible says you reap what you sow!  Galatians 6:8


Many things can masquerade as the real thing but fail upon closer inspection. Jesus deals with this mismatch in a shocking episode in the Gospels: the cursing of the fig tree (Matt. 21:18–22; Mark 11:12–14, 20–25). In this inverted miracle we see precisely the stakes not only of failing to produce fruit, but of giving a fruitful impression and failing to back it up” 


As I pray this prayer I put on the full armour of God, and declare no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I decree and declare May all our fruits in the spirit begin to ripen and mature at an accelerated rate and may we begin to enjoy the fruits of our labour in Jesus mighty name Amen ! 

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