Wait On The Lord


When you are waiting for the promises of God to become real in your life, it can be difficult. One major theme that we learn from the bible is waiting on the Lord  to move in your life. The difference between the world and true christians is that often time's the world does not wait on God, and often wills things to their own will. This is extremely dangerous because God's plan for your life is the best plan, and because God loves us so much he gives us free will, he is not a controlling God. God allows us to do whatever we want and he even allows us to make choices that we think is best but are often very hurtful towards us in the long run. That is why it is important to wait on God. It's not to say that God is not working in your life already, in fact often when we think that God is not working in our lives and when things seem quite difficult  are often the time's that God is doing his greatest work. When God seem's silent God is working. When we look at the bible there are so many examples of patience, resilience, perserverance and faithfulness to the promises of God. Joseph waited 13 years, Abraham 25 years, Moses 40 years, David 20 years, and Jesus the greatest example of them all waited 30 years before they entered into their promise land. So stay patient and keep waiting for that day will come when that prophetic word, dream or promise is fulfilled in your life. 


When you wait on God, he brings you out of difficulties better off than you were before they showed up. God is still the vindicator, God is still on the throne wait for him to show up and show off in your life!


Prayer: Thank you Lord for you fight all my battles, and you are still on the throne. Give me the strength to stay patient and persevere through trials, spiritual warfare, adversity and the storms of life. I will wait for you to do what you said you will do and while I wait, I will do good, and do things that honour you and myself as a child of God. I know that no weapon formed against me will ever prosper and that every mouth that rises against me will be condemned. In Jesus name I pray Amen

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