We Are Living In Evil Days - Be Watchful And Be Vigilant


We are living in very evil times, where there are many evil people out there. You have to be careful who you have around you because you do not know what they are planning for you and what they really think about you.

It's good to be kind to people, it's good to love people but you cannot call everyone your friend. What kind of people do you move with? Are you in the circle of evil people and think there would be nothing evil they are planning against you. Are you friends with people who are plotting against you? You need to run away from the people who will cause your down fall, people who steal from you, lie to you and those who plan to destroy you. 

The number one thing we have as christians is prayer. You must always be in prayer and continue to pray, you have to stay in prayer because it's what we have to fight the enemy and to really know the secret hidden things about people around us.

If you refuse to pray it's like leaving yourself unguarded to the people you hang around daily the people you talk to daily, the people you give gifts to...do you really know what they think about you and what they are planning for you?  Let God tell you the truth, God can and will tell you what people really think of you. But you have to pray at all time's, it would be bad to assume all people are evil because we may be sending our helpers away that's why you pray about everyone who enter's your life so you know the difference between the truthful people and the evil people. 

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