What does 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999 and other number's mean?




God is speaking to us all the time, and he uses numbers as well as many other signs and wonders to talk to us everyday. When I first started my spiritual journey in 2014 back to Jesus, I started seeing repeating number's starting with 1111 and 22 22. At the time I was not a Christian and I would often find New Age websites describing Angel numbers. However it is a lie from the devil a deception. If you google  " Biblical Numerics" you will find many Christian links of the biblical definition of numbers and numerics. 

We must always use the word of God to really see if these numbers and signs are from God. If you simply google what does " 111 etc" mean you will be lead to New Age pages that talk of " Angel Numbers" this is numerology, the occult which is not of God.  It is false light of Satan the father of lies. As Christians we have to be careful, this world is a fallen world and a lot of things are now a counterfeit of Gods original systems and order and have become what is mostly promoted.  The God of this world is the Devil and he has attempted to steal basically all of God's creation and pervert it by creating counterfeits.  The study of number's originated in the bible ( there is a whole book in the bible called The book of Numbers. 


Many prophetic voices and apostles have now started to talk about these numbers, here are a few links below to know more information about this amazing phenomena. 







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