Why Jesus Saved Me Project ?

Hello friends! Welcome to The Jesus Saved Me Project, website and blog. I am so happy that God has given me this ministry to start. My name is Shay I am the Founder and Owner of The Jesus Saved Me Project.

This project was implemented because of how many times Jesus has saved my life, soul and destiny. Throughout the past 10 years, while completing my degree at the University of Toronto and starting my career in Media, Advertising and Sales. I've experienced a huge amount of spiritual warfare.  The last 5-6 years was when most of the spiritual warfare became extremely intense. I can say that the only reason why I am alive today to proclaim the gospel is because Jesus Saved Me! :) I've experienced and been delivered from depression, abandonment and rejection resulting from witchcraft attacks, injuries, illness and so much more. I was baptized and became a born again Christian in early 2017.  I was anointed to do the work of God in March of 2017 and since then the Lord has been mentoring me one on one on bible study, spiritual warfare, spiritual discernment, praying against the plans of the enemy and he has exposed and shown me how the enemy uses vessels ( humans) on earth as agents of darkness to attack, kill, steal and destroy from God's saints and his children but also to delay and steal many of God's plans for his children.

When the Lord called me to work for him, I ran and ran fast. If someone told me 5 years ago that in 2019 I would start my own Christian ministry I would of laughed in their face!  My plan was to be a model and work in Media. But I always had a heart for God a heart for Jesus  and a heart to do good in this world. 

Through dreams, visions, prophecy from others, and revelation the Lord has shown me how to pray effectively, how to live a holy lifestyle, how to overcome demonic witchcraft attacks like depression and anger in order to walk more fully in the purpose God has for me. This website and blog will be dedicated to serving the will of God and teaching others how to live a more holy life, how to heal from the demonic attacks on their mind, body and soul and most importantly how to walk into the destiny God has destined for them as a marked vessel in the Kingdom of God. This ministry will also be dedicated to sharing the gospel through words of testimonies, music and media form. We would also like to work on social problems like racial inequality, mental health and personal development, and plan on partnering with other ministries and charities as God wills.

I am so honoured that God has chosen me to do this work and very honoured to help his saints of God heal, transform and walk in his purpose. 

 I pray in the name of Jesus that God will do his will for this ministry, I pray that no weapon formed against this ministry and the people who follow this ministry will prosper. The plans of the enemy are canceled and replaced with Gods plan, this ministry will save, deliver and deploy people into their God ordained destiny in Jesus mighty name and I cancel any counterattacks in Jesus name Amen!


God Bless you Always



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