About The Founder

Shay Cross, is first and foremost a child of God. Shay just loves Jesus. Shay is a humanitarian, writer and business woman from Toronto, Ontario. Shay is also a survivor and fighter and has faced many adversities as a child and young adult but by God's grace she still managed to graduate from the University of Toronto with a Honours Bachelors of Arts degree in 2017. Shay majored in the Arts, Media and Sociology. At UofT Shay studied a variety of studies she studied Book and Media Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Advertising, Art History, African Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Psychology, Writing and Rhetoric, Business Writing and in her final year Religion and Theology.  Shay grew up in a Christian household singing in the choir as both a child and adult and first accepted the Lord as her saviour at the age of 13 and once again in 2017 after being deceived by new age spiritualism.  Shay's ministry is dedicated to spreading the gospel to those who face trauma wether as an adult or child or both. As a child, Shay had to endure verbal, mental and physical abuse so she is dedicated to spreading the gospel to not only adults who face all sorts of abuse and trauma but to young people and children. This non-profit ministry is a vehicle to let young people and children know that they are not alone and that there is life after trauma.